watch our pilot!

now you can watch our full pilot online from the comfort of where ever you are! click "Watch Video" below to go to our Vimeo channel!


can you even believe it? we can't.

it's all happening!

PILOT from the tim&micah project on Vimeo.

we are super excited to premier PILOT on june 15th! and it's all happening at Stage 773, the theater that gave us our start back in 2007! and it's even on the very stage on which we had our first show as the tim&micah project. how fitting. :)

by the time you read this, there may not be any tickets left. but you can check here:

we'd love it if you can join us. if you cannot, do not fret. we'll be showing this off for a while. :)



The premiere of PILOT!

friends, the day will soon be upon us. humanity's collective dreams are coming true!
on Sunday June 15th, we can all witness the glorious magic that is the tim&micah project:PILOT
space is limited, so if you can handle the pure bliss, visit to reserve your seats. 
#highfive, my friends, #highfive.


last day!

oh goodness.
we're already on the last day of our shoot. it's been ridiculously fun with so many bits. it's been a real learning experience. here are some things i've learned:
1) i don't update behind the scenes blogs as much as i might think i will, or as much as i update facebook or twitter.
2) i have sensitive eyes with regards to intense make up.
3) i can easily forget to take off my glasses and ruin shots.
4) sleep is the most precious thing in the world.

even though the shoot for PILOT is over, i'm going to continue this blog during the post production to keep anyone who reads it updated on the happenings of the entire project.

so there's that. :)



DAY 1!

we're officially underway!
we're shooting a sketch today where i get to live out my fantasy of being a super spy and elite thief all at the same time. :) pictures from set that give away too much info have been banned by the director, but if i could show you our outfits, man, you'd love them.


rehearsals are underway!

e had our first rehearsal today. we read through two scenes and i got a "makeup test" for another. it's pretty exciting to be getting underway. i realize the crew has already been working on this, and therefore we've already been underway. but you get what i mean! sheesh.
we start shooting saturday evening and then we go straight through for 9 days with only one day off. it's all or nothing y'all!



everyday is closer to go time!

oh man, its all starting to feel official with every new meeting we have.
today tim and i met with our costume designer, Sarah. that's right. we have a wonderful amzing talented person dedicated to getting us the right costumes and looks!

this pilot is going to be so much fun to make. and for some of it, we'll be absolutely delirious because we're doing an adventurous 8 day shoot. 8 crazy fun days, with only one day off in the middle. and many of those work days are 12 hour days!

in case you didn't know, we will be tweeting and posting vines from the set once we start production. so if you don't follow our tim&micah accounts yet and want to sneak a peek into the production process, you should. on both services we are "timandmicah". find us and say hey when you do. :)

we start on 8/17! it's only 16 days away!!!




PILOT, a production diary

originally, i created a page off our main blog for this, but now i've opted to start a whole new blog for this so it'll be easier to update. :) eventually i hope to make redirect to this blog. but for now this diary can be found on our website, under the heading PILOT. below is the first post from the page idea.

02:04PM 07/28/13

i've created this page to use as a diary of the PILOT creation process. but since it's not the same as blogger posts, i'm worried about how frequently we will update it.
pre production has started, meetings are scheduled, and ducks are being placed in a row. schedule looks like 8/17-25, packed 8 day shoot with possible 9th if we need it. we're both very excited. Lucy Cooper Productions (LCP) is real professional. it's scaring us. :) more as it develops.